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100 Day Project Favorites - Part 1

My 100 Day project in 2022 was centered around color palettes. You can check my entire project here. For the first half of the project, I used a small printer that connected to my phone to print photos I had taken then mixed watercolors and swatched the colors in the images.

For the last 50 days of the project, I wanted to branch away and create my own 4-5 color palettes.

I enjoyed both halves of the project, but I can definitely say that the second half was my favorite. Especially when I would start with a color I rarely use or I would create something I really disliked at first - choosing a new color and immediately regretting it as I put it down. Trying new combos that I at first hated. But then I would finish the last color on one of those pages to find that I actually really liked the color palette of colors I never would have put together or tried.

But what to do with these favorite palettes that came from this second half of my project. Sure I could use it as reference in the future for instances when I am unsure of where to start or what could come next.

As I flipped through the pages or sat with specific palettes, new painting ideas started jumping out at me and thus I decided I would choose my favorite palettes from that last 50 days and create small 5x7" quick paintings using only those palettes.

Here are the first 5 favorite palettes and the paintings they inspired in order of day - not by favorite! I don't know if I could pick an all time favorite.

Most of the originals will be listed on my Etsy shop. I don't plan on doing prints, but may change my mind. Let me know if that is something you would be interested in!

Day 51: Daniel Smith Green Gold

with: Daniel Smith Cobalt, Daniel Smith Prussian Green, Art Philosophy Sage [from the Vintage Pastels Confection Kit], Daniel Smith Lunar Black

Day 55: Daniel Smith Phthalo Turquoise

With: Case for Making Fluorescent Brick Red, Grumbacher Cadmium Yellow Lt. Hue, Case for Making Rose, Holbein Bright Rose

Day 56: Schminke Green Earth

With: Daniel Smith Perylene Maroon, Case for Making Pink Color (Discontinued), Daniel Smith Indigo, Poems About You Yellow Ochre

Day 57: Aussie Red Gold

With: Rivervale Watercolors Celedonite, Case for Making French Rose Lake, Ruby Mountain Paint Co. Pink Pipestone, Grumbacher Yellow Ochre

Day 59: Case for Making Rose

With: Daniel Smith Green Gold, Case for Making Poppy, Daniel Smith Phthalo Turquoise, Case for Making Egg Yolk

Brands Mentioned Above

Case for Making - Handmade watercolors based in San Francisco.

Rivervale Watercolors - Handmade watercolors out of Arkansas

Ruby Mountain Paint Co. - Handmade watercolors out of Colorado.

Poems About You - Handmade watercolors out of Washington, D.C.

Daniel Smith





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