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Do-ing in 2020

2020 has been off to a start that has been slightly less than ideal to say the least! I know myself and I know my body and figured that after an international trip which we jam packed with sightseeing (and jet lag) followed immediately by hosting friends for Thanksgiving (and more jet lag...we were up at 3:30 am!), again followed immediately by 2 back to back weekend long art and craft markets, I was probably going to feel run down at the end of it all. Feeling a bit run down was an understatement.

Overnight on the 30th, I could feel it happening. The sickness was coming. You know that feeling - the tossing and turning and the hot and then cold and the sweating and then you wake up in the morning and your throat is on fire. That one.

I ended up with an ear infection, sinus infection and laryngitis - two of which I've never had before! I lost my voice for about a week and a half along with my energy (it was one of those sicknesses that keeps you up all night tossing and turning and generally not breathing). The only thing I had any energy to do was wake up, change into different pajamas, move to the couch, watch Hulu (currently binging Homeland) and play The Witcher: The Wild Hunt on our switch.

I had no energy for art. None.

It was a bit of a bummer. My work was closed between Christmas and New Years and I was very excited to have all of that time to create and practice, experiment with new ideas and all that jazz. And instead, I slayed wraiths, watched TV, and drank broth.

I'm happy to say that now - almost at the end of January - my energy is starting to pick up, my voice is backish, and my art has started to flow again! I started my creative year off with my December cards for the #atcitupwithfriends artist trading card group that I have been in for a bit over a year. December's theme was Coffee and Tea. I tea stained some paper with a Rooibos and a Raspberry tea. I went with a plant and tea cup theme and am happy with the results both illustration wise and color palette wise - though I do seem where some things are a bit wonky, but we're getting there!

I'm terribly at drawing. I'll admit it. Painting organic shapes comes second nature to me, but drawing... I struggle. I used to doodle in school all of the time (and huge hours long staff meetings way back when) and nothing I ever drew LOOKED good. except when I scribbled trees. Anyway, joining the ATC group has helped my drawing skills immensely. I can easily see improvement in the last year alone and can't wait to see how my drawing skills improve as I continue to take part in the monthly trades. And the themes really push me out of my comfort zone!

With that said, I'll finally get to the point of this post (I hope you're still with me!). I don't like to set resolutions. I always set to many and then panic when a month has gone by and I've done none of them and then its an endless cycle of not doing it, feeling bad I didn't do it or wasn't close to reaching the ridiculous goal, and then setting them again next time around and you know the drill.

So a few years ago, I read about someone choosing a word to live by for that year and so I started doing that (my first word was Create!). This year, after much deliberation, I've chosen.....drum roll please..... DO!

Such a simple word. Its not profound. Its not pretty; well I think it is, but that's just me. Go ahead and say do 10 times slowly. I thought about all of the things I've added to my To-Do lists over the years and wish lists and someday lists and realized they all had the same word in common - Do.

Do write that first blog post.

Do finish setting up your website.

Do write those short stories that have been bouncing around in your mind.

Do read more about Tarot and start doing some monthly or weekly readings for fun.

Do go outside and sketch.

Do go hike.


(Also: Do drink more water, Do listen to more music, Do get off of your phone).

So we'll see how that goes!

So far so good - I'm posting this blog post and checking that off of my list, aren't I! 


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